Behrooz (Bruce) Ferdowsi

I am a Hess Fellow and Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department of Geosciences, Princeton University, collaborating with Prof. Allan M. Rubin and Prof. Troy Shinbrot (Rutgers University) on physics of Earth systems, including earthquake and slow-slip phenomena and planetary surface and subsurface processes. Before coming to Princeton, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, Sediment Dynamics Laboratory (PennSeD) and a Synthesis Postdoctoral Fellow of the National Center for Earth-Surface Dynamics. At PennSeD, I worked with Prof. Douglas J. Jerolmack (UPenn, Earth and Environmental Science) on bimodal sediment transport, subsurface to surface evolution of riverbeds and also granular controls of hillslope creep and landscape evolution. I am also collaborating with Prof. David L. Goldsby (UPenn, Earth and Environmental Science) on granular physics of rate and state friciton of earthquake fault gouge.

I received my PhD (Dr. sc.) from ETH Zurich (Switzerland) under supervision of Prof. Jan Carmeliet and Dr. Michele Griffa and in collaboration with Dr. Paul Johnson (Los Alamos National Laboratory) and Prof. Chris Marone (Pennsylvania State University). For my PhD, I studied Dynamic Earthquake Triggering phenomenon, that is triggering of earthquakes by other (seismic) sources.


I am generally interested in granular physics as the basis of many geophysical and geological phenomena: earthquakes, landslides, sediment transport and earth surface processes. I use numerical (discrete element and MD) simulations, analytical modeling, and lab-scale experiments with continuous inspiration and insight from field observations.

In collaboration with Dr. Carlos P. Ortiz and Dr. Morgane Houssais and under direction of Prof. Doug Jerolmack, I recently focused on armoring, that is coarsening of the rive-bed surface, in an idealized bimodal laboratory river. We have worked to elucidate the segregation mechanism using phenomenological continuum modeling and discrete element method simulations.

The image below is an overview of my research activities and interests. Please click on the image to see it in higher resolution. Please also see research section of my homepage for more details.


My full publication list is available on Google Scholar and Researchgate. A few of my recent works and papers on fundamentals of landscape evolution, bimodal sediment transport, earthquake slip mechanisms and dynamic earthquake triggering phenomenon are featured here: